Prezi, the zoomable presentation platform, has announced Prezi Video, the first video platform to put a person on-screen alongside their visual content in real-time. Prezi Video gives users a new way to easily create and share videos—putting an end to the need for text-filled screen shares, post-production graphics editing, and green screens.

The new video-recording software features quick-editing capabilities that allow users to easily add graphics in real-time to create highly engaging videos such as tutorials, live webinars, trainings, lesson plans, and social videos with a high-quality post-production feel.

Prezi Video easily integrates visual assets into the primary screen in the same way as a news broadcast, creating more impactful video communication and removing the need to switch to a separate screen to show visual references. The video platform also creates a clearer connection between a person and their visual content.

Prezi’s existing presentation platform has 100 million users and is widely used in academia and business. Prezi Video is now available worldwide at