Predactica, an AI and machine learning (ML) SaaS platform, has achieved Snowflake Ready Technology Validation, expanding its integrations and solutions with Snowflake. The validation program ensures that Predactica’s AI/ML-focused Snowflake integrations are optimized for functional and performance best practices. Snowflake’s partners who have completed third-party technical validation receive recognition through the Snowflake Ready Validation Program.

With this validation, customers can have full confidence in the seamless compatibility of Predactica’s technology and integrations with Snowflake. Pawan Bhati, VP of Marketing at Predactica, emphasized their commitment to the shared vision for the modern data stack with Snowflake.

The expanded integrations and solutions between Predactica and Snowflake include:

– Predactica’s Snowpark Accelerated validation for AI and ML, enabling customers to execute machine learning workflows and collaborate on the Snowflake Data Cloud with native SQL integrations.
– Predactica’s explainable AI (XAI) integration with Snowflake, assisting customers in decoding black box AI models.
– Predactica’s MLOps capabilities integrated with Snowflake, allowing customers to deploy, monitor, and validate models within their Snowflake environment.

For organizations interested in becoming a Snowflake partner and accessing self-service partner resources, they can visit Snowflake’s website. To learn more about how Predactica can accelerate Snowflake investments, organizations can reach out to them directly through their contact page.