Post-it Brand announces its highly-rated Post-it App is now available on the Mac App Store with macOS Catalina, the latest version of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system from Apple. Post-it App for Mac seamlessly extends what was already a great user experience for mobile to the desktop.

Post-it Notes continue to be an essential tool used to capture ideas and notes during meetings and brainstorms in the workplace. It used to be a time-consuming task to transcribe notes after a lengthy brainstorming session; however, the Post-it App solved that problem by seamlessly digitizing handwritten Post-it Notes.

Users can capture up to 200 notes with their camera and create new digital notes within the app right on their devices. The digital Post-it Notes can be arranged, refined, organized and shared with teams, or exported to applications and cloud services.

The leading Post-it App user request has been to create a desktop version of the app. Using Mac Catalyst with macOS Catalina, 3M is fulfilling that request, allowing users to edit and organize Post-it Notes captured with iPhone and iPad on their Mac displays.

Users see a boost in productivity when grouping, sorting and synthesizing ideas with keyboard and mouse on a big screen, providing another opportunity to continue the momentum after the meeting has ended.

The Post-it App recognizes all square Post-it Notes, from 3” x 3” to Post-it Big Notes. The Post-it App for macOS is available as a free download in the Mac App Store.