Plug and Play have announced the 111 startups accepted into their Spring 2020 batch. Twenty-one percent of the startups are based outside the U.S., representing 13 countries.

Throughout the next three months, the selected startups will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Plug and Play’s global network of corporate partners, venture capitalists, alumni, and industry leaders.

Each company will be invited to private deal flow sessions, networking events, mentor sessions, and more to increase their chance to land exclusive pilots, POCs, new customers, and investment. There is no equity requirement for startups to participate.

The startups selected for the Spring 2020 batch are:


AMP Robotics – Creating robotic systems that sort recyclable material at a fraction of the cost of current technology.

Arqlite SPC – Developing high-efficiency materials made 100% from plastic waste.

ByFusion – Reshaping the future of plastic by recycling the un-recyclable.

Clean Robotics – Combining next-generation robotics and the power of AI to differentiate recyclables from non-recyclable material.

Continuus Materials – Converting underutilized carbon materials into high-value industrial products using biotechnology solutions.

Kiverdi – Hydrox Technologies is a manufacturer of advanced, sustainable agricultural plastics.

Litterati – Empowering people to crowdsource-clean the planet.

Obaggo Recycling, LLC – Enabling bags and film to be recycled in curbside bins.

Oceanworks® – Connecting the commercial demand for recycled plastics with trusted suppliers from around the world.

Resynergi – Recycling plastics into environmentally-friendly fuels with a modular, low emission system.

Brand & Retail

Automation Hero – Combines RPA with AI to form an intelligent process automation platform that automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks for knowledge workers.

Bolt – On a mission to perfect the checkout experience for online retailers and make sure nothing gets in the way when shoppers decide to buy.

D-ID – D-ID protects identities against automated face recognition.

Endear – Endear is a brick-and-mortar marketing platform empowers store associates to reach out to local customers over email and text in order to increase foot traffic.

Fabric – Building an on-demand supply-chain that allows retailers to offer sustainable, 1-hour delivery service to their online customers.

Lucky Mobility – Lucky Mobility provides a location-based marketing API that allows brands to engage with and gather consumer insights from people as they travel throughout a city using mobility apps by creating personalized experiences.

Pythia – With the help of artificial intelligence, we can make trend research for future market demands – with much greater precision.

Qopper – Deploys Industrial Sensors and Software Agents on an integrated IoT Intelligence Network.

Strivr – Utilizes VR to train individuals and improve performance. Learn faster and more effectively with the power of immersive VR.

Swyft Store – Global leader in retail automation solutions allowing brands to build a high-profile automated retail channel, access new efficiencies through automation, grow their brand exposure and access consumer insights.

ShopShops – An Interactive live-streaming retail platform and global marketplace.

The Call List – Interactive video for e-commerce. Our plugin powers video calls from an influencer or expert to their entire audience at once AND you can share products to be shopped in realtime (10X conversion rate).

The Peak Beyond –The Peak Beyond develops smart store and interactive merchandising display technology. – AI-first enterprise software that predicts the performance of visual assets for marketing teams at large companies. 

Wisy – Software platform for real-time online and offline data collection at any location using AI-driven analytics and behavioral design to empower fast, precise decisions and action across multiple industries.

Well Principled – An A.I. Management Consultant for Marketing and Supply Chain Processes.

Zebra IQ – Helps brands collaborate with Millennials and Gen Z by quickly testing ideas, from concepts to ad messaging to packaging to brand surveys.

Food & Beverage

Adhark – Adhark uses artificial intelligence to analyze imagery, giving companies the ability to see through the eyes of any consumer audience with a suite of powerful visual intelligence tools.

Aquacycl – Aquacycl™ provides the BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT™) for onsite wastewater treatment.

Baze Labs – The first personalized nutrition platform to connect consumers with foods and supplements that specifically target blood micronutrient gaps identified through a simple at-home diagnostic.

Canomiks – Using cutting-edge genomics and AI, Canomiks tests ingredients and formulations as well as designs recipes for functional foods and dietary supplements that can target chronic conditions or maintain health and wellness.

Crop Enhancement – Our mission: Empower every grower with sustainable products that improve agriculture and protect our planet.

FiberVita – Multifunctional, plant-based, innovative, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, Vegan-Friendly, Clean-Label and Short-Label food ingredient.

FlaVR Labs – We create digital taste, to give the tongue and mouth the perception of flavour. Starting with healthcare, patients with xerostomia, diminished taste sensation and sodium-restricted diets, enjoy food again. We also give plain water the taste characteristics of most any flavoured beverage.

Genesis Feed Techonologies – Feed ingredients are purchased and valued for the wrong reasons. The result is $3B in waste annually due to inefficient and incorrect purchasing practices. We bring the right information to the right people to make more informed decisions. We are changing how commodities are traded globally.

Nanothings – NanoThings is an automation platform for end-to-end, autonomous, cold chain sensor monitoring and delivery management.

Phytoption – Innovation of highly functional ingredients from nature.

Plantible Foods – Plantible Foods is a B2B food technology company with the goal to develop the most functional and applicable plant-based protein.

Progel – The world’s cheapest industrial-scale production system for the continuous production of food and pharma microparticles.

Simporter – Simporter is an A.I. platform that predicts sales for new products before they hit the market.

Tastes Natural – We are an Ingredient Technology company that produces proprietary all-natural ingredients that block negative tastes in food, beverages, and nutraceuticals. We sell our ingredients directly and also produce products that reduce or eliminate sugar and sodium in food and beverages.

Vast Biome – Mining the microbiome for novel products with therapeutic effect. 

Media & Ad

ARWall – AR/XR systems for creators, brands, venues. – Arena is a customer data platform for consumer enterprises to create personalized experiences throughout the buyers journey. With Arena, data-driven companies can increase engagement, conversion and revenue.

Axle Ai – Axle Ai makes it radically simple for media teams to transcribe and search their video content. We have over 600 customers including major brands including Madison Square Garden, PWC, Patagonia, Coca-Cola and NBCU.

eyecandylab – We enable viewers to engage and interact with any video they see by providing a platform for “transactable video” which helps to convert viewers instantly from awareness to action.

Exeest – We’re streamlining distribution for Filmmakers, Production Companies and Catalogues and creating modern tools for Media Companies to discover and license/acquire Premium Video Content (feature films, TV series and documentaries).

Firework – Firework is one of the fastest-growing interactive video platforms on mobile.

Fixel – AI-based user segmentation platform that automatically scores website visitors according to their engagement and behavior. Fixel enables marketers to identify the waste in their media buying and make faster optimization decisions.

Inkit – Inkit is a direct mail automation platform that helps businesses acquire, engage, and connect with their online customers in the offline world.

nFlux – The world’s most intelligent video analytics platform.

r4 – r4 is the first company to apply AI across the enterprise, driving new revenue and profit growth without changing systems or people.

Setka – Setka is combining content design and data science to help companies around the world to grow their business by elevating content experiences.

Synapbox – AI-Powered Content Analytics.

TONIK+ – AI- and data-driven video platform producing engaging creative across social platforms for both brands and agencies using intra-video intelligence.

VNTANA – VNTANA empowers companies to easily create interactive mixed reality experiences to engage consumers with data collection to quantify engagement. – AI-first enterprise software that predicts the performance of visual assets for marketing teams at large companies.

Wave Sports – Wave is the sports network for the modern fan.

New Materials & Packaging

Aequor – Aequor’s “green” chemicals uniquely remove bacterial and fungal biofilm in minutes, prevent biofilm formation for days, and kill a broad spectrum of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens/“Superbugs.”

Ares Materials – Ares Materials creates novel optical films with a set of unparalleled optical and mechanical properties that enable new products such as foldable and rollable displays, near-eye displays (AR and VR) and other optoelectronic applications.

Azolla – Azolla is a Carbon Tech company determined to meet demands for infinitely sustainable society by inventing high- performance biomaterial that will be produced without depleting limited natural resources, without toxic chemicals and will remove CO2 from the air.

Biorgani – Biorgani is a provider of sustainable plant-based resins for the packaging industry. Their products are certified and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.

Bolder Industries – Bolder Industries develops the most sustainable rubber and plastic products in the world using Bolder Black®. 

Cambridge Electronics – Cambridge Electronics develops advanced GaN technology for data centers and electric cars. Based on breakthrough technology originally developed at MIT, CEI’s GaN transistors offer 2-4x in performance improvement over the competition.

Corumat – Corumat uses micro-engineering to produce layered bioplastics that are lighter, stronger, and cheaper than comparable products.

ElectroActive Technologies – ElectroActive Technologies is pushing a new paradigm for sustainable cities of the future where waste produced in cities, as well as renewable electricity, is used to generate zero-emission fuel for local use in the form of hydrogen.

Funxion – ‘fabrics of the future’. A world where our fabrics and fashion are smart. This includes changing the color of our apparel or accessories on-demand or enabling the continuous monitoring of our physical and mental health.

Interface Polymers –Interface Polymers developed radical new solutions to long-standing compatibility problems, and is opening up a new world of opportunities in polymer blending, joining, and finishing.

Nth Cycle – Nth Cycle developed a modular recycling technology for cost-efficient recovery of the critical metals from e-waste for reuse in the clean energy sector.

SAS Nanotechnologies – SAS Nanotechnologies is a smart microcapsule technology such that the microcapsules can be activated to release the chemicals inside them “on-demand” opening opportunities to a variety of industrial problems including corrosion inhibition.

ThruPore – heterogeneous chemical catalysts, offering the chemical industry high-performing precious metal and carbon- only catalyst products at the 100+ ton scale. ThruPore is innovating in include energy, aerospace, medical and animal feeds.

Tyromer – Tyromer is the cleantech tire recycling company, focused on implementing a circular economy in the tire and rubber industry. our recycled product is the perfect base polymer to use in TPVs. Great opportunity to develop new materials and IP.

Valentis – Valentis is a platform technology incorporates select nanoparticles (NP) into a cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) base to produce highly improved polymeric films, coatings, and compounds.

Supply Chain

AGILOX – AGILOX develops and manufactures intelligent logistics robots. All aspects are developed in-house, from mechanical design, electrical engineering, navigation, and related software. This allows for faster reactions to changing requirements.

AiDock – Customs clearance process automation. Our ground-breaking technology uses artificial intelligence to allow courier companies, freight forwarders, postal services, and customs authorities to apply novel business practices that boost productivity.

AskData – With AskData, users ask questions in natural language and find answers across all their data. The Askdata platform is based on the Human2SQL, the biggest repository of natural language and SQL statements in the world.

Augmentir – Augmentir is a leading provider of augmented worker software for industrial companies. Its flagship offering, the Augmented OperationsTM platform, is the first of its kind to combine enterprise augmented reality with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Axle – Axle is an AI-powered freight factor. We provide small freight brokers with affordable, short-term working capital by purchasing their accounts receivable at a discount.

DARVIS – DARVISTM keeps track of available devices and special transport equipment and monitors the exact location of them. Search devices via the app to optimize device utilization within your health institution. DARVISTM uses computer vision to turn surveillance videos into useful data.

Edgetensor – Edgetensor mission is to make edge-based AI affordable and accessible to the mass market. Our proprietary and hardware agnostic Neural Inference Engine powers our AI applications that run on various architectures such as ARM and Intel and is cross-platform (Windows, Android, Linux, etc) as well. 

FlytBase – FlytBase is the world’s first Internet of Drones (IoD) platform, that allows developers to easily build intelligent drones, connected with cloud-based business applications.

Gather AI – Gather AI is a software-only autonomous inventory management platform developed for warehousing. Gather AI is inventory management on auto-pilot that can automate tasks. Users can use off-the-shelf drones and can do 24-hour replacement.

Kinetic – Kinetic builds wearable devices to reduce workplace injuries for the industrial workforce. The discrete belt-mounted wearable can detect high-risk postures and movements, and provides real-time feedback to workers as well as safety analytics to managers.

KlearNow – The fastest way to clear customs, track shipments and access your critical data in real-time. KlearNow is looking to disrupt a multi-billion-dollar portion of the global supply chain by bringing it into the digital age through a state-of-the-art, shared-economy, internet-based, mobile-app platform.

LearningPal – LearningPal’s AI-based enterprise solution has a built-in feedback mechanism to ensure the model improves continuously. It digitizes countless paper documents to well-structured data swiftly and accurately. Our solution can recognize both handwritten and machine-printed characters.

Moeco – Moeco’s mission is to radically reduce the cost of IoT. Moeco empowers Food, CPG, Packaging & Logistics companies to have full visibility in Supply Chain, gain insights on their physical products & infrastructure via a combination of non-invasive sticker-sensors and automated data collection.

NanoThings – NanoThings is an end-to-end cold chain monitoring solution. An end-to-end IoT solution that autonomizes temperature monitoring and provides real-time shipment visibility at every touchpoint, to all stakeholders in the cold chain.

Ocean Insights – Ocean Insights is a leading ocean supply chain visibility and market intelligence provider based in Germany and with representatives in the US, India, Spain and Hong Kong that supplies real-time tracking data and market analysis to large shippers from a broad range of industries.

Opendock – Overhaul your operational efficiency with dock, transportation, and warehouse appointment scheduling software from Opendock. It allows the user to access all of their appointments across all warehouses using a single platform.

Seegrid – Seegrid is the leading provider of connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling with nearly two million miles driven. The Seegrid Smart Platform combines flexible and reliable infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles with fleet management software for a complete connected solution.

Senseye – Senseye uses high-resolution video footage of the eye to quantify previously inaccessible cognitive insights. Senseye’s approach to quantifying brain activity is non-invasive and highly accessible. To achieve this, Senseye has developed an Emotional Intelligence Engine platform (EIE).

Shipamax – Shipamax automates data entry for the logistics industry (Robotic Process Automation). Our product connects to any e-mail inbox and automatically extracts data from e-mails & attachments in real-time, saving teams hours of repetitive admin.

SVT Robotics – SVT’s software platform enables companies to easily connect their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in a fraction of the time, empowering them to compete in a quickly changing marketplace.

Verve – Verve has developed a soft exosuit that assists with repetitive bending and lifting. The exosuit is lightweight at 4lbs and made of textile components worn at the waist and thighs, and is similar to a hydration vest with force applied in parallel to back and thigh musculature.

Warehowz – Warehowz is an innovative logistics technology company in the “on-demand” warehousing industry, which means we connect businesses that need warehousing space and services with businesses that have the capacity.

Travel & Hospitality

Airportr – We developed the world’s first home bag check-in and delivery service. Transforming journeys for airline passengers and enabling airports to become more distributed. We’re not stopping there – as we look to make air travel baggage-less and effortless, door-to-door.

Ascendance Flight Technologies – Hybrid air taxi that will disrupt the aerial mobility market by providing a cheap, green and silent air transport solution to passengers and operators.

Bidroom – Bidroom is the world’s first no-commission hotel booking platform with up to 25% lower room prices as compared to other booking websites.

Daycation – Daycation allows guests to enjoy the day at hotel amenities without getting a room.

Juvo Robotics – Revolutionizing Aircraft Ground Handling using Robotics and AI.

MeTripping – Intelligent Travel Search helping consumers and travel agents make the best travel decisions by making sense of the world’s information. MeTripping has developed a B2B solution for dynamic packaging.

OccasionGenius – OccasionGenius has created the first premium Events API for companies to provide events to the experiential traveler. For hospitality companies, this means adding upcoming events to their website to inspire travel; sending “proactive concierge” emails pre-stay; and app integration during the stay. 

Opus 12, Inc. – Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals and fuels.

Pilota –Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Rebook Flights for Free During Disruptions.

Sanctifly – Sanctifly is a global members club that grants access to wellness activities at airports including access to hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without having to book a room.

Trip Ninja – Trip Ninja automates the creation of complex itineraries to lower operational costs for TMCs and improves customer service.

Trooptravel –Meeting & Events Location Optimizer powered by Big Data.

Upgrade Pack – Upgrade Pack provides direct access to bookings with our airline and hotel partners, allowing customers to search and secure the perfect upgrade. The app is exclusively available via our corporate clients (e.g. banks, credit card issuers) – who give access to their most valuable customers.

Welcome Pickups – Welcome offers the best mobility service in the world for travel. The company will welcome more than 1.3m travelers in 2020, is active in 53 destinations worldwide, and grows in a fast pace. Welcome cooperates with 1000+ hotels, and is expanding to vacation homes, airlines and travel agents.

Yoti – Yoti is a digital identity system that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and face to face.

Zenner – Creating super-empowered travelers through an always-on, AI-powered, digital concierge.

ZestIOT – ZestIOT is an IOT/AI powered connected airports aviation platform