Plug and Play is expanding its Crypto and Digital Assets program to Paris, France. The program, which aims to help businesses move from Web2 to Web3 using blockchain technology, was initially launched in Silicon Valley with partners such as Visa, Franklin Templeton, and AllianceBlock. By expanding to France, Plug and Play is further establishing its presence in the global blockchain space.

Maximillian Jungreis, Head of Plug and Play Crypto and Digital Assets, expressed excitement about the expansion into new markets like France. He highlighted Plug and Play’s proven track record of helping enterprises transition from Web2 to Web3 by leveraging the right technologies and partnerships.

Plug and Play has a long-standing relationship with blockchain technology, starting from its engagement with Bitcoin in 2013. The company has invested in over 50 blockchain startups to date and spun out its Crypto and Digital Assets vertical in 2022.

In addition to its focus on blockchain technology, Plug and Play has also been at the forefront of uncovering new technologies and helping companies leverage them. For instance, it launched a Brand and Retail platform in Paris in 2016 and invested in startups like Ownest, which applies blockchain to track supply chain responsibilities.

The Crypto and Digital Assets program in Paris will focus on Web3 applications in consumer enterprises. Selected startups will have the opportunity to connect with relevant business units and position themselves as experts in front of corporations that need their solutions.

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