CompuChild, a well-established educational after-school enrichment program franchise, has partnered with PlayCV to bring STEM and STEAM-focused classes and summer camps to elementary and middle schools in the Castro Valley Unified School District (CVUSD). PlayCV, a non-profit organization, aims to provide fun and enriching after-school programs to TK-12 students in Castro Valley, California.

The decision to work with CompuChild was driven by its alignment with PlayCV’s mission to offer hands-on and engaging programs to students. CompuChild’s robotics and clean technology classes have been well-received by the community. As a result, six summer camps on robotics, electrical circuits, video game design, 3D printing, and entrepreneurship will be offered in collaboration with CompuChild. PlayCV sees CompuChild as a long-term partner due to its status as a well-established national franchise and STEM-certified provider.

CompuChild emphasizes the importance of preparing children for the changing work environment influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The partnership with PlayCV demonstrates their commitment to technology education. CompuChild believes in-person education is irreplaceable, especially for young children. They also prioritize direct interactions between students and educators to ensure the authenticity of student work. CompuChild’s dedication to excellence is reflected in their numerous awards and STEM Provider Certification from Cognia.

In addition to collaborating with PlayCV and DPIE in the Dublin Unified School District, CompuChild franchisees provide entrepreneurship, STEM, and STEAM-focused classes at various locations, including elementary schools, after-school centers, community centers, and dedicated centers. Their unique focus on entrepreneurial education drives positive change in society while offering franchisees a fulfilling and independent professional life.

CompuChild’s mission is to provide Entrepreneurial STEAM™ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) focused enrichment programs for children at the pre-kindergarten and elementary school level. They prioritize constant learning, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration with a strong emphasis on ethical and entrepreneurial development.

Overall, the partnership between CompuChild and PlayCV brings high-quality STEM and STEAM programs to students in the Castro Valley Unified School District, fostering their skills and preparing them for the evolving workplace.