OnChainMonkey (OCM) has recently launched its latest NFT collection called OCM Dimensions, which is a groundbreaking generative art collection on Bitcoin. This collection combines art, engineering, technology, and innovation to create a unique generative art collection that is inscribed on Bitcoin using limited block space.

The OCM Dimensions collection offers stunning views of code on each satoshi, with detailed renderings of lighting, movement, and vibrancy. These NFTs are designed specifically for Bitcoin and are inscribed on satoshis from January 2009. The collection is 3-dimensional, interactive, and dynamic, showcasing the possibilities of generative art on Bitcoin. The efficient inscription technology used sets a standard for generative art on the blockchain.

This launch solidifies OnChainMonkey as the home for high-value digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, providing groundbreaking artistic expression and true digital ownership. The collection offers early adopters the opportunity to own historic, high-quality Bitcoin NFTs that are efficiently inscribed.

OCM Dimensions is one of the first 3D NFT collections on Bitcoin that doesn’t impact the performance of the blockchain. Bitcoin miners and users will not be affected by the launch. However, bitcoin HODLers and miners will benefit from this launch as it brings even more high-value assets to the valuable Bitcoin blockchain.

OnChainMonkey’s partner company, Metagood, is a leader in NFT technological innovation. They were the first to create a 10,000 PFP collection on Ethereum in a single transaction and the first to inscribe a 10,000 PFP collection on Bitcoin. Metagood is also working on inscribing digital versions of luxury objects on the Bitcoin blockchain through a partnership with Asprey Studio.

The first 300 OCM Dimensions will be minted directly on Bitcoin, while the remaining collection (up to 2,000) will be minted on Bitcoin via burnable Ethereum NFTs. Hiro Wallet and Xverse are the official wallet partners for the collection.

OnChainMonkey has plans to collaborate with generative artist Alexis André for an upcoming collection. This collection will further expand the possibilities of generative art on the blockchain.

To learn more about the OCM Dimensions collection, visit their Medium article. OnChainMonkey, created by Metagood, is the first on-chain NFT profile picture collection and aims to build a prosperous global nation that prioritizes financial enrichment, physical health, social connection, and purposeful impact.

Metagood, the creator of OnChainMonkey, is a leader in blockchain technology and digital assets. They strive to build a better future for Web3 and have been recognized for their impact in the crypto industry.

Overall, the launch of OCM Dimensions showcases the innovative possibilities of generative art on the Bitcoin blockchain and further establishes OnChainMonkey and Metagood as leaders in the NFT space.