OKX Ventures, the investment arm of the second-largest crypto platform, has announced its investment in Taiko, a decentralized ZK-Rollup. Taiko is developing a Type-1 ZK-EVM that allows users to experience Ethereum securely with lower transaction fees. Taiko aims to create a fully permissionless and decentralized network, and its mainnet is set to launch next year.

OKX Ventures Founder, Dora Yue, expressed her excitement about the investment in Taiko, highlighting its positioning in the zk-EVM spectrum and its commitment to decentralization.

OKX Ventures has a strong track record of investing in blockchain projects globally, covering various sectors. The firm remains bullish on the ZK ecosystem, infrastructure, multi-chain, and Web3 projects.

As for OKX, it is a leading global technology company driving the future of Web3. It offers a comprehensive suite of products, including the OKX Wallet, NFT Marketplace, and DEX. OKX is also known for its partnerships with top brands and athletes.

To learn more about OKX Ventures and its investments, you can find information on their website.