On June 21, the NFT project Open Foodie announced a seed funding round of $500,000. Open Foodie is a Web3 creative-based cartoon food manufacturing lab, aiming to combine Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies to drive the future development of the food industry. With the slogan “Feed the Hungry with Creativity,” the company is creating a new Web3-based gourmet food brand IP.

Open Foodie is a groundbreaking Web3 NFT project focusing on the fusion of art, food, and technology. They are set to bring innovative, community-driven art and culinary carnivals to ten global cities, including Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Shanghai, Bangkok, Toronto, New York, and London. These events celebrate the endless possibilities in the culinary landscape.

Open Foodie has released its first Genesis series – Bitcoin Foodie, with a total supply of 256 NFTs. Users who hold Bitcoin Foodie will receive airdrops of all subsequent Open Foodie BTC ecosystem assets, including the soon-to-be-issued BRC-20 Meme Token $f00d. The company also plans to launch its first game called “Foodie Drop” on the BRC-20 platform, giving players a chance to obtain $f00d and unlock various rewards within the Bitcoin ecosystem. More BTC games are in development.

Open Foodie is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation across domains like animation, art, gaming, consumer activities, lifestyles, and communities. The project is attracting potential collaborations and partnerships in the Web3 realm, establishing itself as a pre-sale platform for its unreleased main series collection. Open Foodie aims to captivate a global audience with its unique blend of creative culinary experiences, visual arts, and blockchain technology, revolutionizing the culinary industry.

The Open Foodie team is made up of multinational collaborators from Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Australia. They bring a wealth of experience in brand planning, food technology, financial technology, and Web3 NFT project operations. The team is confident in finding the entry point between Web2 and Web3, breaking conventions, and bringing unprecedented industry innovations.