W3:Ride, the fitness app that celebrates cycling, is launching a new reward program for its users. The app tracks details from any smartphone, Fitbit, Garmin, or smartwatch and automatically rewards a user’s commutes, weekend rides, or exercises. The goal of W3:Ride is to reward users for getting outside and exploring the physical world through cycling. The app’s marketplace will include a rotating selection of products from exclusive brand partnerships. Users will be able to redeem their points for gift cards ranging from $5 to $10, which can be used at stores such as Starbucks, Amazon, Nike, Adidas, REI, and more. This new type of marketplace is made possible by utilizing web3 technology and aims to make blockchain technology frictionless to the everyday user.

What makes W3:Ride unique is that it only requires the use of a virtual bike, doing away with monthly fitness subscriptions. Upon account creation, each user receives a free virtual bike to begin collecting points for spending time on a real-world bicycle. The app’s philosophy is to allow everyone free access to a new experience of cycling with a reward system and marketplace powered by a cycling economy.

W3:Ride is available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app aims to unite the cycling community through digital engagement and offers various rewards, including cryptocurrency and tokens for rides. Users can also build their own custom NFT bikes and unlock additional rewards.

W3:Ride is developed in collaboration with Nexus Cognitive, a Web3 development studio. Nexus Cognitive focuses on digital maturity solutions through emerging tech-accelerated frameworks and helps companies leverage their data and processes for greater efficiency, insights, and scalability. Nexus3, an innovation agency within Nexus Cognitive, advises established brands, large enterprises, and early-stage web3 start-ups on business strategy, product development, and go-to-market acceleration.

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