Chimpzee, a new web3 project, has reached its goal of planting over 1,000 trees to restore the Brazilian rainforest. This innovative project aims to revolutionize the way people donate to charity by empowering them to earn rewards while making a positive impact on the environment and animals.

Chimpzee partnered with One Tree Planted to plant 1,200 trees in the Acre region of Brazil, contributing to the restoration of the Brazilian rainforest. This achievement was made possible through the support and participation of hundreds of people during the project’s early stages. Chimpzee is poised to continue growing and making a difference in environmental conservation efforts worldwide.

What sets Chimpzee apart is its unique approach to passive income and conservation. It offers individuals three ways to earn income while helping to save the environment and animals simultaneously. Through its innovative ecosystem, users can buy (shop2earn), trade (trade2earn), and play (play2earn) while earning rewards.

Chimpzee’s online marketplace is more than just a platform for purchasing goods. It serves as a central commercial center with a wide range of offerings. Users earn CHMPZ coins with every purchase, knowing that a percentage of the profits goes to charity.

The project also includes an environmentally focused NFT marketplace, where a percentage of trading fees is shared with active users on the platform. Additionally, the Zero Tolerance Game allows players to earn CHMPZ tokens by achieving specific milestones, emphasizing the importance of protecting nature and the environment.

To maximize passive income within the Chimpzee ecosystem, users can utilize the Chimpzee NFT passport, which offers the highest earning potential and rewards.

Chimpzee is set to disrupt the crypto space by making it easier than ever for individuals to contribute to worthy causes while benefiting themselves. It is the first web3 project that combines earning income with saving animals and fighting climate change.

For more information about this revolutionary project, visit the Chimpzee website.