Netizen, in partnership with Arthera, is setting out to revolutionize Web3 adoption through gamification. With Netizen’s gamified experience and Arthera’s scalable blockchain infrastructure, the partnership aims to overcome obstacles such as gas fees and user onboarding, providing a rewarding and engaging user experience.

Arthera’s technology, including its DAG-based mempool, enables millions of transactions and reduces network congestion, benefiting both users and businesses. Additionally, Arthera offers fixed-price monthly subscriptions and revenue sharing options.

Netizen has already launched its Telegram Gamification App, which connects online platforms and blockchains, allowing users to play, level up, and be rewarded for their contributions. The app has successfully helped Web3 projects and communities gamify their user onboarding and scale their communities through fun activities. The partnership with the Web3StrongerTogether ecosystem involving over 100 projects and communities showcased the potential of Netizen TGA.

By combining Netizen’s gamification expertise and Arthera’s robust blockchain infrastructure, the partnership aims to drive widespread Web3 adoption. Arthera plans to use Netizen to measure and reward individual contributions to its ecosystem, enabling faster expansion and a more decentralized approach.

According to Laurent Perello, CEO of Arthera, the partnership represents a significant milestone in revolutionizing the Web3 ecosystem. It aims to offer a gamified experience that engages users and simplifies their interaction with blockchain activities, ultimately eliminating gas fees and changing established blockchain habits.

Arthera is a blockchain platform that enables the next generation of Web3 SaaS enterprises through its EVM-compatible, DAG-based mempool. Arthera’s user-centric subscription system allows for seamless interactions between users and businesses in the blockchain ecosystem, driving mass adoption of Web 3.0.