NEAR Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with Vortex Gaming, a Web3 subsidiary of INVEN, Korea’s largest game media·community. This collaboration aims to onboard Vortex Gaming into the NEAR ecosystem and strengthen the NEAR game ecosystem. The partnership will also include collaboration in supporting the growth of Vortex Gaming, enhancing brand awareness, and fostering developer talent through offline hackathons and events.

INVEN, with a monthly active user count of 7.2 million, has been a leading company in the game industry and is the largest game media·community in Korea. It has expanded its reach to industries such as entertainment and Web3, based on its in-house generated content.

Vortex Gaming is a content-based game community that focuses on Web3 games and provides global social media platforms and features like Gaming Guild. It aims to offer specialized content such as in-depth analysis of in-game economy and the completeness of the game to break stereotypes of current Web3 games. Vortex Gaming plans to leverage its expertise in building Web2 communities and incorporate high-quality content to establish a strong user base with the support of INVEN’s existing pool of users.

NEAR Protocol, a global Layer 1 blockchain, focuses on usability and scalability. It serves as the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), allowing Web2 companies and developers to effortlessly build decentralized apps and experiences for the open web. NEAR Protocol’s features, such as FastAuth, reduce entry barriers for Web3 game industry participants and will work alongside Vortex Gaming to popularize the NEAR ecosystem for gaming.

Marieke Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation, expressed her support for INVEN joining the NEAR Protocol, emphasizing the enhancement of the sustainable game ecosystem through the partnership. Scott Lee, Co-CEO of NEAR Korea, highlighted the importance of community in maintaining content competitiveness and how the onboarding of Vortex Gaming will strengthen NEAR’s position in the Web3 game ecosystem.

In summary, the partnership between NEAR Foundation and Vortex Gaming, a Web3 subsidiary of INVEN, is set to strengthen the NEAR ecosystem and foster the growth of the NEAR game ecosystem. With the support of INVEN’s large user base, Vortex Gaming aims to offer specialized content for Web3 games and break stereotypes in the industry. The collaboration will further promote the use of NEAR Protocol and accelerate ecosystem development.