Fort Mason Games — a female-led mobile gaming studio — announced survey results in honor of National Download Day.

National Download Day marks the day when the most apps are downloaded in the entire year; as Americans get smartphones for holiday gifts, they often re-download their apps and broaden their horizons with new ones.

The survey revealed that 87% of smartphone owners say they download more than three apps a year, and most of these apps are downloaded during the time period between Christmas and New Years.

Games are the most popular category of apps downloaded — nearly 7 in 10 will download them — while shopping (52%) and health and fitness (36%) round out the top three. Why games? 35% say that games help them de-stress, while another 40% say games help them pass the time.

One in three Americans says “social casino” is their most downloaded type of game, while puzzle (59%) and action (41%) made a strong showing. The most common apps downloaded in 2018, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp are all about maintaining a social life, so it’s no surprise that social casino games are becoming increasingly popular.

Social casino games are a $5 billion market segment, and it’s only going to grow bigger in 2019. Americans love being able to escape to Vegas for a night — and games like Confetti Casino make Vegas even more exciting by offering the ability to connect with others

Kate Gorman, CEO of Fort Mason Games

Confetti Casino, Fort Mason Games’ flagship game, brings several new features to the social casino space for the first time. Players can send each other hearts, work together to unlock big rewards, and play collaboratively instead of competitively.

Confetti Casino’s new features help players communicate in a positive, instead of competitive, way—making the social casino space safer and more appealing to women players.

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