Nala Cat, Instagram’s most popular cat with over four-million followers, has announced her #ShowtheBow campaign to raise awareness for pet adoption!

Nala was adopted when she was just five months old and from there she began her Instagram journey. It is Nala’s mission to use her recently launched Love, Nala platform to advocate for a great cause and give back to the pet community by raising awareness around pet rescue initiatives across the nation.

Inspired by a bowtie that brought Nala’s moms together, and Nala’s humble beginnings in a shelter, the #ShowtheBow campaign encourages people to adopt and not shop for pets and will help share the great work animal welfare organizations do.

For National Cat Day on October 29, Nala will encourage all of her friends, family, followers and beyond to share a picture with a furry friend on Instagram in a bowtie and use the hashtag #ShowtheBow. Nala will re-share the photos to drive a movement to #AdoptDontShop!