Biomarkers are vital in clinical research, especially drug development for life-threatening diseases. However, a lack of accessibility to biomarkers often leads to delays in medical research. MyHealthVerse aims to solve this problem by utilizing healthcare NFTs on a blockchain-powered platform.

MyHealthVerse is the world’s first Biomarkers NFT marketplace, bringing together users and pharmaceutical companies to increase accessibility to important medical research. The platform will collect biomarkers and synthetic data, analyze them using artificial intelligence, and convert them into NFTs.

Biomarkers refer to various medical benchmarks critical for clinical research, including drug development. The global biomarkers market is projected to reach $106.9 billion USD by 2028.

One of the key features of MyHealthVerse is that it grants users control over their healthcare data. By turning their biomarkers into NFTs, users can decide how their data is used and even monetize it. This feature allows users to become part of the global biobanking market, which is valued at $2.96 billion USD.

Pharmaceutical companies spend significant time collecting healthcare data, including biomarkers, for drug development and other research. MyHealthVerse facilitates access to these biomarkers for pharma companies and stakeholders worldwide using their token, $PHARMA.

MyHealthVerse is headquartered in Singapore and led by experienced tech executives. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze biomarkers and mint them into NFTs. These NFTs will be uploaded to the MyHealthVerse Marketplace for sale to pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare stakeholders.

Overall, MyHealthVerse aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs to increase accessibility to biomarkers and empower users with control over their healthcare data.