Pixalate, the ad fraud prevention platform, announced it has partnered with MoPub to bring invalid traffic (IVT) detection and filtration solutions to MoPub’s mobile app ad exchange, which runs over 1.5 trillion live auctions per month and filters ad inventory on over 50,000 mobile apps.

Pixalate recently added 12 Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited metric areas and became the first fraud detection company accredited for Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration across display, in-app, video, and OTT.

MoPub’s engineering and business development teams work with Pixalate to vet and monitor the traffic on MoPub’s exchange. MoPub’s data-driven approach to traffic monitoring and quality assurance includes the analysis of:

  • Viewability rates and ad implementation
  • App store rankings, user downloads, descriptions and market reach
  • App content, user experience, and ad capabilities
  • GIVT & SIVT fraud signals, including but not limited to:
    • Clicks and impressions generated by crawlers, scripts, agents
    • Illegitimate traffic based on device and ad tag hijacking
    • Spoofed source info by Device ID and Bundle ID

In addition to internal policy enforcement, MoPub will leverage Pixalate data to analyze, evaluate, and vet mobile app publishers before permitting them to participate in MoPub’s RTB exchange.

Pixalate will also provide an automated, real-time, pre-bid solution to identify and block invalid bid requests on MoPub’s exchange and proactively monitor post-bid activity for suspicious indicators.