MoonPay, the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure company, and Flowcode, the global leader in omnichannel, direct-to-consumer connections, have announced a strategic go-to-market partnership to accelerate Web3 adoption for enterprise brands. This partnership will allow brands to connect physical experiences, such as out-of-home, TV, and print, to MoonPay’s Web3 infrastructure through Flowcode’s industry-leading connection platform.

The alliance between MoonPay and Flowcode aims to remove friction in the Web3 space and bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. By leveraging Flowcode’s advanced QR and NFC technologies, brands will be able to better understand customer behaviors in real-time while ensuring privacy compliance and opt-in consent.

The combined offering of MoonPay and Flowcode will include Flowcode’s product suite, featuring custom-branded codes, mobile-first landing pages, and real-time, geo-location conversion data, along with MoonPay’s existing product suite. This includes Fiat on-ramps, Crypto off-ramps, Fiat purchasing of NFTs, Institutional Crypto off-ramps, Minting infrastructure with HyperMint, and Wallet creation.

The partnership will also provide enterprise clients and partner agencies with best practices and industry expertise in connecting the offline and online worlds, further enhancing their Web3 solutions.

Jim Norton, Chief Revenue Officer at Flowcode, highlighted the importance of this partnership in helping consumers directly connect with brands from the offline world to the Web3 world. He emphasized the commitment to bridge the gap between the Earthverse and the Metaverse, making Web3 more accessible. The partnership aims to create, activate, and measure brand integrations from the physical to the digital worlds.

MoonPay and Flowcode have previously partnered on connecting Web3 from physical experiences at events like NFT.NYC and the launch of the MoonPay Passport, its Web3 loyalty program.

As a tech investor, this strategic alliance between MoonPay and Flowcode is exciting because it paves the way for increased Web3 adoption among enterprise brands. By integrating their technologies, they are enabling brands to better engage with their audiences and measure conversions from the physical to the digital worlds. This partnership not only benefits brands but also brings us closer to a future where Web3 technology is seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives.