MicroBT, a leading Bitcoin Asic miner manufacturer, has unveiled three new models of their WhatsMiner M50 series at the Bitcoin2023 event in Miami, Florida. In addition to the new models, MicroBT also introduced a solar power mining solution.

During his speech at the event, MicroBT CEO Dr. Yang emphasized the importance of finding sustainable solutions for mining in the face of the energy crisis and global warming. He believes that solar power is not only a better power source for mining but also aligns with the decentralized nature of Bitcoin. MicroBT is actively working on adjusting voltage and frequency of their WhatsMiner to accommodate solar power fluctuations. They also plan to use batteries as a power solution during nighttime, taking advantage of decreasing battery costs.

The three new models of the WhatsMiner M50 series include the air-cooling M50S++, hydro-cooling M53S++, and immersion cooling M56S++. These models offer increased computing power and improved power efficiency, making them highly efficient options for Bitcoin mining.

Dr. Yang also highlighted the heat collection capabilities of these mining rigs. The collected heat can be utilized for manufacturing and living purposes, resulting in almost zero carbon emissions. This heat can be used for various purposes such as space heating, steam for industries, and fish hatcheries. WhatsMiner hydro-cooling and immersion cooling mining rigs offer stable operation, high density, low noise, low failure rate, and low maintenance costs, making them environmentally friendly and socially responsible choices for Bitcoin mining.

MicroBT has been committed to providing high-efficiency Bitcoin mining rigs since its establishment in 2016. They will continue to prioritize decentralization and network stability while working with partners to promote sustainable mining practices and zero-carbon emissions.

MicroBT is a technology company that specializes in the development, production, and sales of integrated circuit chips and products. They offer high-performance computing system solutions and technical services. WhatsMiner, developed by MicroBT, is a leading brand of mining hardware known for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is widely used by customers around the world, both in retail and institutional mining.