Microsoft’s new mobile app, called “Spend,” hit the App Store on Thursday, offering automatic expense tracking for work reimbursement purposes or taxes.  The new app is a project by Microsoft Garage.

Microsoft Garage is the company’s internal incubator where employees can create and test new products to see if they resonate with consumers.

Spend offers similar features to most expense trackers on the market, like the ability to take photos of receipts, categorize expenses, and reporting.  The app’s main differentiator is the automated tracking and matching feature and UI.

How it works

The app works by automatically tracking all your expenses from a linked credit card or bank account. Users can then swipe on the expenses to mark them as personal or business. Expenses are automatically categorized, and you can add extra tags for better organization.

The app can also generate expense reports on a weekly, monthly basis, which can be exported as spreadsheets or PDFs. There’s also a web dashboard if you prefer to use the computer, which is part of their MileIQ product.