MetaMask Institutional and Fireblocks have announced their integration to offer enhanced access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 for institutional investors and builders. This collaboration combines the expertise of two leaders in the Web3 space to provide institutional-grade wallet security and portfolio management solutions.

Through this integration, over 1,800 organizations currently using Fireblocks will gain access to the extensive suite of portfolio management solutions and leading DeFi connectivity offered by MetaMask Institutional. This means they will be able to invest, trade, lend, borrow, and interact with over 17,000 decentralized applications (dApps).

MetaMask Institutional’s suite of custody solutions will also be expanded with this integration, providing organizations with a range of secure options to access the digital asset class. Fireblocks, on the other hand, is a trusted platform that offers enterprise-grade wallet security and transaction governance for DeFi and trading operations.

The integration between MetaMask Institutional and Fireblocks will be live starting June 12th. Users will be able to connect their Fireblocks accounts to MetaMask Institutional and gain access to thousands of DeFi and Web3 dApps like Aave, Lido, and GMX. The security of Fireblocks’ MPC wallet infrastructure and Policy Engine for transaction governance and signing will ensure the safety of these transactions.

MetaMask Institutional will also provide Fireblocks’ users with enhanced web3 portfolio management features, including digital asset monitoring, protocol allocation breakdowns, and in-depth transaction reporting. Additionally, users can perform native token swaps and ETH staking directly from the MetaMask Institutional extension or dashboard. The platform also offers team management settings with automated onboarding and organization-wide portfolio views, as well as performance and P&L attribution metrics for ERC-20 tokens and major DeFi protocols.

This integration comes at a time when institutional interest in the crypto market is growing. A recent research report by EY-Parthenon showed that nearly 60% of institutional investors are making efforts to enter the crypto/digital asset space. This partnership between MetaMask Institutional and Fireblocks aims to provide institutional investors and builders with the best of both worlds—unparalleled access to the Web3 ecosystem through MetaMask Institutional and institutional-grade security and key management through Fireblocks.

In conclusion, the integration of MetaMask Institutional and Fireblocks offers institutional investors and builders a comprehensive solution for accessing DeFi and Web3. With the increasing demand to enter the Web3 space, MetaMask Institutional is focused on providing expansive ecosystem access while meeting rigorous institutional requirements. Fireblocks aims to improve its customers’ ability to engage with DeFi and Web3 through enhanced portfolio management experiences that prioritize security and compliance. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the institutional adoption of decentralized finance and Web3 technologies.