Metalpha Technology Holding Ltd announced today that its Next Generation Fund I has secured a $5 million anchor investment from a leading crypto company. This investment comes at a time of high growth for Metalpha’s licensed fund products, which cater to institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals seeking exposure to the crypto market.

The Next Generation Fund I provides a regulated and compliant channel for investing in Grayscale Investments LLC’s products through structured derivatives. The fund is aiming to raise $100 million in capital from global investors and has already secured $20 million as of March 2023.

Metalpha’s President, Adrian Wang, expressed excitement for the future of their licensed fund products, emphasizing their mission to capitalize on Hong Kong’s fast-growing digital assets industry and provide clients with competitive and compliant investment options worldwide.

The CEO of NextGen Digital Venture, Jason Huang, also expressed gratitude for Metalpha’s support and highlighted the expertise and confidence their partnership with the leading crypto company brings. NextGen Digital Venture aims to provide legitimate and secure exposure to the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, acting as a trusted bridge between traditional and digital assets for investors.

Metalpha, headquartered in Hong Kong, aims to offer high-quality investment products and trading capabilities to cryptocurrency market participants. The company is committed to delivering the best structured derivative products in the industry.

Founded in 2015, Metalpha Technology Holding Limited is dedicated to providing investment and wealth management services through a full-service, institutional-grade platform. With a focus on blockchain expertise, the company aims to become a leader in the field of crypto wealth management services, bringing innovation and transparency to its customers and businesses.

NextGen Digital Venture, founded in 2023, aims to be Asia’s premier platform for providing traditional finance with exposure to cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to connect traditional capital with emerging technologies that are on the verge of widespread adoption. The team at NextGen Digital Venture is made up of experienced professionals from leading investment firms, top-tier family offices, and successful tech startups, showcasing their commitment to delivering reliable and trustworthy financial solutions to clients.