Marvion, a leading Metaverse Blockchain company, has announced a collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for the Central Park metaverse project. This partnership aims to harness the potential of innovative technologies, such as the metaverse, to promote sustainable practices and knowledge.

The Central Park metaverse project, initiated by Marvion, is a ground-breaking endeavor that aims to create an immersive virtual environment where users can explore and engage with various sustainable initiatives. By leveraging the power of the metaverse, Marvion and CUHK are dedicated to fostering awareness and understanding of sustainable practices among a wider audience.

Prof. Carlos Lo, Director of the Centre for Business Sustainability at CUHK Business School, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating the potential in using innovative technologies to promote sustainable practices and knowledge. Marvion, as a pioneer in the Metaverse Blockchain space, brings its technological expertise and platform to enable the creation of the Central Park metaverse.

The collaboration between Marvion and CUHK will combine Marvion’s cutting-edge technology with CUHK’s academic insights and expertise in business sustainability. This partnership will enrich the content and experiences within the Central Park metaverse, ensuring that it reflects the latest knowledge and practices in the field of sustainability and provides an educational and interactive space for users to learn and engage with sustainable initiatives.

This strategic collaboration represents a significant step forward in utilizing the metaverse to drive sustainable practices and education. For more information about the Central Park metaverse project and the collaboration between Marvion and CUHK, please visit their website.

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