Magic: The Gathering Arena has completed an open beta period that saw over 1 billion games played, drove double the Magic viewership and expanded the reach of its esports program with Mythic Championship events while adding new formats, card sets, special in-game events and rewards to the game.

With the debut of the Throne of Eldraine expansion in MTG Arena, players can visit an exciting new world where Grimms’ Fairy Tales and Arthurian legends collide for high fantasy and incredible adventure. The update adds even more content to one of the deepest collection of cards and formats in the collectible card game genre, which will be on full display during the limited time Play Any Deck/Win Every Card event.

The launch features the following new content:

  • THRONE OF ELDRAINE  Magic: The Gathering’s latest card set is available today with the official launch of the game and heralds a new start for Standard.
  • SPECIAL IN-GAME EVENTS – The Play Any Deck/Win Every Card challenge event gives players access to play any deck in Standard, and the opportunity to win a copy of every card in the format!
  • DEEP GAMEPLAY AND STRATEGY – The world’s original and best strategy card game with the most formats and the most cards in the CCG genre.
  • MASTERY PASS – An all-new season for Mastery Pass begins with Throne of Eldraine! Earn XP for playing and earn special rewards as you level up.
  • REWARDS AT LAUNCH– Open Beta players who log in after rotation on September 26 will receive rewards just for logging in.

Developed by Wizards of the Coast’s Digital Games Studio, Magic: The Gathering Arena brings the same rich strategy and deep gameplay of the beloved tabletop game to PC. 

In Magic: The Gathering Arena players can jump right into competitive play using pre-constructed decks earned in the new player tutorial and can customize their own decks from one of the largest collections of cards in digital CCGs.

Blaze your own path as a Magic: The Gathering Arena competitor with a clear path into Magic‘s Mythic Invitational tournaments. The game is free to download and lets players battle for rewards including in-game currency, cards, and booster packs.