L’Oréal has unveiled Perso, an AI-powered at-home system that instantly delivers custom skincare and cosmetic formulas. Developed by the L’Oréal Technology Incubator, Perso is a sleek device that stands 6.5 inches high and weighs just over one pound.

With a patented motorized cartridge system, Perso creates personalized skincare formulas in four steps:

  1. Personal skin analysis: The user opens the Perso mobile app and takes a photo with their smartphone camera. Utilizing L’Oréal-owned ModiFace technology, the app uses AI to analyze the user’s overall skin condition—including deep wrinkles, fine lines, the appearance of dark spots, and pore visibility.
  2. Environmental assessment: Using Breezometer geo-location data, Perso assesses local environmental conditions that can influence the state of the user’s skin, including weather, temperature, pollen, UV index, and humidity.
  3. Product preference: The user then enters their personal skincare concerns into the Perso app, including fine lines, dark spots, pigmentation, pore size, radiance, and dullness. The user can also input preferred texture and hydration-level to further customize their unique formula of moisturizer, serum, and under-eye cream.
  4. Custom formulation and dispensing: This collective data informs the creation of a personalized blend of high-performance skincare, dispensed in a perfectly portioned, single dose at the top of the device for easy, clean application. The technology adjusts for morning and evening application, and the device features a detachable mirrored top so consumers have the option of taking a single or larger dose with them on-the-go.

Perso‘s hardware features a uniquely designed motor system located at the top of the device which moves and compresses the formula from the cartridges at the base of the machine in an upward motion to the dispensing tray above.

With regular use, Perso‘s AI platform will be able to assess skin conditions over time, letting the user know what is working and will automatically adapt future formulas based on personal results.

Perso‘s future makeup offerings will have the capability to incorporate real-time trend information as well as color-matching technology into its personalized product offerings. Consumers would be able to design a lipstick shade to match their outfit or to opt for a color that is trending on social media at that moment.  

As part of L’Oréal’s commitment to streamlining the personalized beauty experience, Perso features a seamless automatic refill process that ensures its custom, NFC-tagged cartridges are always stocked and ready for daily use. Users can easily manage shipments from the Perso mobile app.

L’Oréal Technology Incubator’s previous launches include the personalized skincare system Custom D.O.S.E by SkinCeuticals, the customized foundation platform Le Teint Particulier by Lancôme, at-home personalized haircolor system Color & Co., and My Skin Track UV by La Roche-Posay, the world’s first battery-free wearable to measure personal UV exposure, which launched at CES 2018 and was sold exclusively at Apple beginning in November 2018.

Perso will be launched in partnership with a leading L’Oréal skincare brand in 2021.