Over 80 companies, 130 speakers, and 10,000 visitors will come together in Prague for BTC Prague, the largest Bitcoin-focused event in Europe. The conference, which will take place from June 8th to the 10th, will feature some of the most influential figures in the Bitcoin world, including MicroStrategy founder Michael J. Saylor.

As the CEO of MicroStrategy, Saylor has made headlines for his company’s consistent purchases of Bitcoin as part of its corporate assets. With 132,000 Bitcoins, MicroStrategy is currently the richest cryptocurrency company in the world. Saylor’s appearance at BTC Prague is highly anticipated, as he is known for his strong and consistent views on Bitcoin and his role in opening doors for Bitcoin adoption by traditional companies.

BTC Prague will offer a diverse program that includes lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. In addition to Saylor, other notable speakers include Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back, SatoshiLabs co-founder Marek Palatinus, and Robert Breedlove, author of the popular “What is Money?” podcast. The conference aims to provide stimulating ideas and discussions for entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, and advocates of freedom.

The event will also feature an exhibition showcasing over 100 companies focused on building Bitcoin infrastructure. This includes hardware and software wallet providers, mining tools, exchanges, and even beer taps connected to the Lightning Network. One exclusive guest exhibitor will be El Salvador, the first country to make Bitcoin its official national currency.

BTC Prague aims to appeal not only to seasoned Bitcoin enthusiasts but also to newcomers who are interested in learning more about Bitcoin. The organizers want to make it easier for newcomers to enter the Bitcoin world and provide practical guidance on how to do so.

Prague has been chosen as the location for BTC Prague due to its significance in the Bitcoin world. The Czech Republic is known as the “Bitcoin Valley” and has played a key role in the adoption of Bitcoin. Revolutionary projects such as the hardware wallet Trezor and the first mining pool from Braiins were created in the Czech Republic. The organizers believe that hosting BTC Prague in Prague confirms the country’s importance for Bitcoin.

Overall, BTC Prague is set to be an exciting and informative event, bringing together leading figures in the Bitcoin community and providing valuable insights for investors and enthusiasts alike.