Legacy Suite, a developer of estate planning, password manager, and crypto wallet solutions, has announced the publication of a U.S. patent for an estate planning and beneficiary management system. The patent, titled “Estate Planning and Beneficiary Management System Including Digital Assets,” addresses the structure of the system to safeguard different categories of personal digital documents. It expands Legacy Suite’s intellectual property portfolio and highlights its commitment to innovation.

The granting of this patent recognizes the unique nature of Legacy Suite’s products in protecting digital assets that have become common and essential in people’s lives. It also signifies the company’s expansion in the marketplace. Legacy Suite offers an integrated suite of products that allow individuals to manage digital assets like passwords, electronic legal and financial documents, images and other digital media, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

Legacy Suite highlights the importance of including digital estate planning considerations in the traditional estate planning model. With the emergence of the digital revolution, many assets people own and consume are intangible, such as cryptocurrency, online banking accounts, social media accounts, and email accounts. Legacy Suite’s solutions provide protection and peace of mind for the owner of these digital assets today and in the future.

Users of Legacy Suite’s platform can select heirs and beneficiaries to access critical data and digital assets. The estate planning process includes an inventory of assets and instructions and credentials to locate and access them. The information is organized into suites, including a legal suite, a legacy suite, a digital suite, and a financial suite.

Legacy Suite is a complete end-to-end solution that provides digital asset management, estate planning support, and crypto wallet protection. It offers secure self-custody of crypto assets and password management. To learn more about Legacy Suite, visit their website.