Ledgible, a prominent digital asset tax, accounting, and data platform for Enterprises & Institutions, has unveiled its new NFT Suite. This professional offering aims to cater to the needs of active investors, traders, funds, and more in the growing and thriving NFT space. The NFT Suite includes portfolio management, tax and accounting tracking, reporting, and year-round planning tools.

By integrating with Ledgible’s industry-leading tax and accounting suite, the NFT Suite provides easy and native access to Ethereum-based NFT portfolios. The platform automatically tracks and presents realized and unrealized gain/loss data for NFTs, along with floor price and cost information, empowering investors to make informed buying and selling decisions.

One of the key advantages of Ledgible’s NFT Suite is its seamless integration with end-of-month accounting and tax reporting, eliminating friction and creating a smooth path for businesses and individuals between NFT management and financial reporting. Ledgible also collaborates with Tax Information Reporting professionals to provide 1099s for exchanges, protocols, and businesses in the digital asset space.

Ledgible’s Digital Asset Tax and Accounting Platform is designed to streamline digital asset accounting operations and is trusted by large banks, fintech providers, and digital asset companies. The platform operates in four key verticals, including Tax Information Reporting, Digital Asset Data, Accounting, and Tax filing. With its customizable technology, Ledgible ensures that digital asset data is easily understandable and manageable.