Lamborghini of Austin, the premier Lamborghini dealership serving Austin, Texas and the surrounding area, has announced that it is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This new offering allows customers to purchase their dream car using their preferred cryptocurrency, thanks to a partnership with BitPay, one of the leading cryptocurrency firms in the world.

With BitPay, customers can complete transactions with cryptocurrency quickly, securely, and with low fees. All buyers need is an email address and a crypto wallet with the necessary funds. BitPay also offers an app where users can make purchases, as well as buy, store, and trade crypto. Once a transaction is initiated, a BitPay email invoice is generated and sent directly to the customer’s email. From there, they can scan the QR code or input the receiving wallet’s information and drive off in their new Lamborghini, all purchased with Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies.

This collaboration between Lamborghini of Austin and BitPay is not unique, as other well-known dealerships and organizations have also partnered with BitPay. These include Lamborghini of Newport Beach, Vegas Auto Gallery, and even R.M. Sotheby’s, the premier automobile auction house.

BitPay allows payments to be made using a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, XRP, and more. The choice of cryptocurrency used for the purchase is up to the customer and the seller.

For those interested in buying a Lamborghini or other luxury sports vehicles, they can visit the Lamborghini of Austin website or contact the dealership directly. With the acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment, Lamborghini of Austin is providing tech-savvy customers with a convenient and secure way to realize their dream of owning a Lamborghini.