Kraken, a renowned crypto platform, has been ranked #16 on Newsweek’s Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces® list. This recognition highlights Kraken’s commitment to creating a flexible and employee-centric workplace environment. The company is the only crypto company to be included in this prestigious list.

Newsweek’s rankings are based on survey results from more than two million employees across different industries and company sizes. The ranking is supported by the rigorous analysis of the Best Practice Institute. The companies selected for this list are known for their emphasis on respect, care, and employee appreciation.

Kraken’s Chief People Officer, Pranesh Anthapur, expressed pride in the company’s unique culture that enables employees to love their work and excel in their roles. The company values autonomy and flexibility, which are reflected in its strong emphasis on work-life balance and the opportunity to work remotely.

In recognition of the evolving needs of a modern workplace, Kraken offers its employees an open culture, compelling career growth opportunities, and comprehensive health and wellness benefits. The company provides flexible paid time off, access to in-house fitness and well-being coaches, and a generous grant to set up a customized in-home office. Almost 40% of Kraken employees receive a portion of their salary in digital assets, which emphasizes their personal investment in the company’s success.

Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief of Newsweek, emphasized the importance of a positive culture in driving success for companies. She mentioned that the companies featured on the Most Loved Workplaces® list embody a transformative spirit that prioritizes people.