Klaytn Foundation, in partnership with Crypto Workers DAO and Prometheus Space Power, has signed an MOU to combat climate change and accelerate the transition to decentralized renewable power generation.

The three organizations will use Klaytn’s blockchain technology to create decentralized digital asset finance solutions for renewable energy production and supply. This partnership aims to transform the energy industry and enable small energy producers and end-consumers to participate and benefit.

The project will also contribute to reducing global reliance on fossil fuels and achieving carbon neutrality. It will promote a community-centric energy production and profit distribution system and enhance energy grid reliability and efficiency.

The joint ESG project will focus on reliable data infrastructure technology, tokenization of renewable energy, on-chain financialization, blockchain consensus layer development, carbon credit tokenization, renewable energy community projects, financialization mechanisms for decentralized energy development, and support for energy independent communities.

This partnership is an important opportunity to drive real change in the climate crisis and promote energy independence. It will also create practical examples of how blockchain can improve the quality of human life.