James Harris has joined the DeFi Board Options Exchange (DBOE) as an advisor, a move that is expected to have a significant impact on the advancement of decentralized options trading.

With his background in traditional finance and cryptocurrency, Harris will strengthen DBOE’s industry connections and establish partnerships with institutions, venture capitalists, and investors. This will position DBOE as a leading player in the field.

DBOE aims to revolutionize custodial services through decentralized option trading. It was established in 2022 and is committed to addressing the challenge of over-collateralization in the DeFi environment. By driving enhanced capital efficiency and fostering broader adoption of DeFi in everyday transactions, DBOE seeks to provide a more secure and capital-efficient platform.

James Harris brings a wealth of expertise to DBOE. He has held significant roles at renowned financial institutions, including Citi and Standard Chartered Bank. His leadership and strategic acumen were further honed during his tenure at Diginex, where he served as Head of Custody. Harris also played a key role in establishing a robust redistribution network for CCData, a globally recognized provider of cryptocurrency market data. Under his commercial leadership, CCData experienced substantial growth in data and index revenues.

Recognized for his industry knowledge and thought leadership, Harris is a sought-after speaker at both traditional finance and digital asset conferences. He regularly shares insights into digital asset market data and services on various platforms and podcasts.

DBOE acknowledges the immense value that James Harris brings as an advisor. His role will be to utilize his extensive network and industry knowledge to establish connections with institutional entities, venture capitalists, and investors. This will ensure DBOE’s adherence to industry standards and pave the way for success within the financial ecosystem. Harris is impressed by DBOE’s commitment to providing a secure and capital-efficient platform for decentralized option trading. He is excited to contribute his expertise to drive DBOE’s success.

With Harris and other industry experts on board, DBOE is poised for growth. The company aims to forge partnerships and drive revenue, offering traders a seamless experience with decentralized, secure, and efficient options trading aligned with Web3 principles.

The DBOE Exchange is set to launch in the middle of 2023, providing easy decentralized trading and safe risk management of crypto options to users worldwide. This marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the DeFi trading sector.