IBN, a communications organization focused on connecting companies to the investment community, has released its latest CryptoNewsAudio Production. The production features Layne Lafrance, Co-Founder of Flow, a decentralized blockchain designed for building Web3 experiences.

In the interview, Lafrance discussed her background, including her previous work with CryptoKitties and a company called Heartisans. She emphasized the importance of product/market fit and how it was a key factor in the development of Flow. Lafrance also spoke about the core principles of web3, particularly the concept of dynamic identity, which allows users to own their identity instead of having it controlled by corporations.

The interview with Lafrance provides valuable insights into the ways that web3 technology is revolutionizing the online experience and how Flow is attracting new users to participate in the web3 ecosystem.

To listen to the full episode, visit the CryptoCurrencyWire website. IBN’s CryptoNewsAudio Production is part of its commitment to expand its network of brands and provide wide-reaching content distribution.

About Flow, it is a scalable, secure, and environmentally friendly blockchain that aims to bring Web3 experiences to mainstream users. Flow has a thriving ecosystem of developers, brands, startups, and innovators.

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