Hashrate Asset Group (HAG) has officially launched its Bitcoin Mining security token offering on the INX.One platform, which is the world’s first regulated platform for listing and trading SEC-registered security tokens and vetted cryptocurrencies.

HAG offers investors the opportunity to own a share of Bitcoin mining through hashrate ownership, providing both security and compliance on the INX platform. Investors will also receive a monthly dividend in the form of wBTC, a share of the mined Bitcoin, directly into their digital wallets. This offering allows investors to gain exposure to the Bitcoin mining industry, which was previously inaccessible to many.

INX, the company behind the platform, is growing its capital raising marketplace by partnering with companies from various industries, demonstrating the versatility of its platform for security token offerings. INX provides regulated trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, offering an end-to-end solution for issuers to raise capital and list tokens for secondary trading.

With a vision to redefine the world of capital markets using blockchain technology, INX aims to be the preferred global regulated hub for digital assets on the blockchain. The company made history in 2021 with the first SEC-registered digital security IPO and raised $84 million from retail and institutional investors.