The Hard Asset Money Show, a leading podcast in the financial industry, has released a new episode featuring General Michael Flynn and Congressman Mark Green discussing the topic of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and its implications for privacy and government control.

In this episode, the host Christian Briggs engages in a candid conversation with Congressman Green about the current state of CBDC and the role of FedNow as the initial step in the CBDC rollout. Congressman Green highlights that CBDCs are controlled by central banks, allowing for greater regulation and surveillance by a single authority, unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The discussion raises concerns about the potential negative consequences associated with increased government control and surveillance over individuals. Implementing CBDC would enable the government to track every transaction, including purchases made at grocery stores, potentially leading to the establishment of a social credit score system similar to China’s.

Christian Briggs further emphasizes the implications of CBDC, stating that it is seen as an assault on freedom. The conversation brings up scenarios where an individual’s social credit score could be downgraded based on scrutiny of their purchases, such as excessive ammunition or investments in certain sectors.

The second half of the episode features an interview with General Michael Flynn, offering an insider’s perspective on his experiences and challenges during his tenure in the Trump administration. General Flynn reveals his belief that he faced predisposition from the previous administration, leading to his ousting. This candid conversation provides listeners with unique insights into the dynamics of US politics.

The latest episode of the Hard Asset Money Show promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of CBDC, government surveillance, and the complexities of US politics.