Gryphon Digital Mining, a leading Bitcoin mining company, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first sustainable Bitcoin mining company to receive certification from Energy Web. This certification, known as Green Proofs for Bitcoin (GP4BTC), establishes an independent and standardized energy measurement system for the Bitcoin mining industry. It represents two years of collaborative work between Gryphon, Energy Web, and major asset managers and clean energy research organizations.

This sustainability certificate sets an industry standard and demonstrates Gryphon’s commitment to being a leader in net zero and carbon negative strategies. It is a crucial step forward in Gryphon’s goal to become a carbon-neutral bitcoin miner.

Gryphon’s CEO, Rob Chang, expressed his excitement about the company’s focus on ESG-led strategies and its dedication to using green energy instead of fossil-fuel-based power sources. Gryphon’s participation in Energy Web’s Green Proofs for Bitcoin initiative has allowed them to contribute to the decarbonization journey of the mining industry.

The certification from Energy Web provides Gryphon with tangible proof of its sustainability and ESG efforts. This comes at a crucial time as Gryphon is in the process of merging with Akerna Corp. in an all-stock deal. The merger aims to create a leading, ESG-committed, and carbon-neutral bitcoin miner. Following the completion of the merger, Akerna will change its name to Gryphon Digital Mining, Inc.

Investors interested in Gryphon can visit their website for more information. Gryphon Digital Mining, Inc. is a forward-thinking company dedicated to bringing digital assets onto the clean energy grid. With a talented leadership team and a net carbon negative strategy, Gryphon aims to improve digital asset network infrastructure.

Please note that this article contains forward-looking statements and cautionary statements regarding the proposed transactions between Gryphon and Akerna. Investors are advised to read the relevant materials filed with the SEC for a comprehensive understanding of the proposed transactions.