Gryphon Digital Mining, a leading Bitcoin mining company, has received the first sustainable Bitcoin mining certification. This landmark certification, known as Green Proofs for Bitcoin (GP4BTC), has been awarded by Energy Web, an independent non-profit that develops open-source software for clean energy solutions. It represents a significant step towards establishing an independent, standardized energy measurement system for the Bitcoin mining industry.

Gryphon’s certification as a sustainable Bitcoin miner sets a new industry standard and demonstrates the company’s commitment to a net zero and carbon-negative strategy. This achievement highlights Gryphon’s leadership in the industry and its dedication to being a carbon-neutral Bitcoin miner.

Gryphon’s CEO, Rob Chang, expressed his pride in being a technical advisor to Energy Web’s GP4BTC initiative. He stated that Gryphon’s focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles and its use of green energy align with the company’s corporate social responsibility and commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Amy Westervelt, the Project Lead for Green Proofs for Bitcoin, praised Gryphon’s sustainability efforts and its contributions to decarbonizing the mining industry. She applauded Gryphon’s commitment to sustainability and its instrumental role in advancing the industry’s decarbonization journey.

This certification also has strategic implications for Gryphon’s merger process with Akerna Corp. Upon completion of the merger, Akerna will change its name to Gryphon Digital Mining, Inc. The merger aims to create a leading, ESG-committed, and carbon-neutral Bitcoin mining company, providing Akerna shareholders with access to one of the premier operators in the industry.

Investors interested in learning more about Gryphon can visit their website and follow them on Twitter for updates. With a net carbon-negative strategy and a focus on bringing digital assets onto the clean energy grid, Gryphon Digital Mining is at the forefront of innovation in the Bitcoin space.