Gryphon Digital Mining, a leading net carbon-neutral bitcoin miner, has announced the acquisition of 876 Bitmain S19j Pro+ miners. This strategic investment is expected to significantly increase Gryphon’s self-mining hashrate and drive the Company’s attributable bitcoin mining hashrate to an estimated 1.2 exahash later this summer.

The new mining machines, known for their superior efficiency, will be swiftly deployed at Gryphon’s hydro-powered hosted facility. The Bitmain S19j Pro+ model consumes less energy than its predecessor, making it a more attractive choice for the expansion.

CEO and Director Rob Chang highlighted the importance of capital stewardship and patient waiting for favorable prices. With the acquisition of these new miners, Gryphon expects to grow its business efficiently and at a reasonable price while maintaining a carbon-neutral operation.

Gryphon Digital Mining is committed to sustainable bitcoin mining practices, utilizing its hydro-powered hosted facility to reduce its carbon footprint. The Company’s existing fleet, combined with the anticipated mining capacity from its royalty with a third-party miner, will further strengthen Gryphon’s mining capacity and solidify its position in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Investors can learn more about Gryphon by visiting their website and following them on Twitter. Gryphon Digital Mining is dedicated to bringing digital assets onto the clean energy grid and has a net carbon-negative strategy.