Gryphon Digital Mining, Inc. (“Gryphon,” “Gryphon Mining,” or the “Company”), a leading net carbon-neutral bitcoin miner, has announced its November operational update.

Here are the key highlights for the month:
– Bitcoin production of approximately 75 bitcoin-equivalent coins
– Top-level bitcoin efficiency of 106 BTC/EH
– All-time high average hashing power of 717 PH/s
– Royalty Stream Partner commences mining operations with 2,655 machines, increasing hashing power to 365 PH/s.

During November, Gryphon mined approximately 75 bitcoin-equivalent coins from its self-mining operations. The average hashing power was 717 PH/s. Additionally, the company generated royalty fees from its 22.5% net operating profit interest from a Master Services Agreement with a third party.

Gryphon’s bitcoin efficiency rating for November was 106 BTC/EH, placing it tied for first among a peer group of companies. Since the company started operations in September 2021, it has consistently ranked among the top three in terms of publicly available bitcoin efficiency scores.

In November, the number of coins mined decreased by approximately 1% compared to October, while the average hashing power increased by 2% to a record 717 PH/s. The decrease in bitcoin efficiency from October to November was 8%, but Gryphon remained among the top performers for the month.

Gryphon is pleased to report that its Royalty Stream Partner has started mining with an additional 2,655 machines out of a batch of 4,026. The partner has a reported aggregate hashing power of 365 PH/s to date and plans to bring nearly 12,000 more machines to the U.S. Gryphon’s Master Services Agreement allows for an effective royalty stream on all of the partner’s blockchain operations. At full deployment, Gryphon’s effective royalty stream on the partner’s announced 1.7 EH of potential capacity would be 382.5 PH/s.

Gryphon’s CEO and Director, Rob Chang, expressed congratulations to the Royalty Stream Partner on its successful deployment of 2,655 bitcoin miners. He noted that Gryphon’s potential royalty stream based on announced capacity puts the company in a strong position to be among the most efficient bitcoin miners in the industry.

To learn more about Gryphon, please visit their website [link] and follow them on Twitter @GryphonMining.

About Gryphon Digital Mining:
Gryphon Digital Mining, Inc. is an innovative venture in the cryptocurrency space that aims to bring digital assets onto the clean energy grid. The company’s net carbon-negative Bitcoin mining operation is dedicated to improving digital asset network infrastructure.