Gryphon Digital Mining, a leading net carbon neutral bitcoin miner, has released its operational update for April 2023. In April, Gryphon mined approximately 66 bitcoin-equivalent coins with an average hashing power of 738 PH/s. The company achieved an impressive bitcoin efficiency rating of 90 BTC/EH, surpassing its peers in terms of efficiency.

Gryphon has consistently ranked among the top three companies in publicly reported bitcoin efficiency scores since it began operations in September 2021. This month, Gryphon continues to see an increase in its royalty stream performance as its partner ramps up to 1.5 exahash. Gryphon has a management services agreement with its royalty partner that allows it to receive 22.5% of the gross profit from all current and future blockchain operations.

Furthermore, progress is being made on Gryphon’s merger with Akerna Corp. (Nasdaq: KERN) to create a leading, ESG-committed, carbon-neutral bitcoin miner. Akerna has filed its Form S-4, which is currently under review by the SEC. Upon completion of the merger, Akerna will change its name to Gryphon Digital Mining Inc., offering Akerna shareholders access to the bitcoin mining industry.

Investors interested in learning more about Gryphon can visit their website and follow them on Twitter. Gryphon Digital Mining is dedicated to bringing digital assets onto the clean energy grid and operates with a net carbon-negative strategy.