The TechChill conference celebrates the best of the Baltic startup community by connecting the region’s fastest-growing startups, active investors, and tech enthusiasts. The conference also plays host the annual Fifty Founders Battle pitch competition where fifty startups compete for a €10,000 prize.

GreenTech startup Woola was named winner of the 2020 competition. The Estonian startup, led by Anna-Liisa Palatu, aims to disrupt the e-commerce market by significantly decreasing the production, consumption and landfill waste of environmentally harmful materials like Styrofoam and plastic.

Woola is an eco-friendly bubble wrap made from sheep wool. The product is shockproof, heat-proof, and at-home compostable within six months. Woola makes use of an abundant resource that would otherwise be thrown away. Every year, 135 tons of sheep wool ends up in a landfill in Estonia alone.

The biodegradable package filler is still currently in R&D, however, a prototype is currently being tested with the Estonian national postal service.