Immutable Games, a global leader in web3 game development and publishing, has announced that its flagship title, Gods Unchained, is now available on the Epic Games Store (EGS). This move is part of the game’s rebrand rollout and follows the unveiling of its renewed roadmap.

The availability of Gods Unchained on EGS is a significant milestone for the game as it aims to compete with other digital Trading Card Games (TCG) such as Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, and Legends Of Runeterra.

With this launch, Gods Unchained becomes easily accessible to over 230 million PC users worldwide who make up the Epic Games Store player base.

According to Daniel Paez, Executive Producer of Gods Unchained, the launch on Epic Games Store is of great significance, as it introduces the game to a massive audience of traditional PC gamers and TCG enthusiasts. The team at Gods Unchained is excited to continue bringing the game to a new and diverse player base.

The renewed roadmap for 2023 includes new features and improvements planned for integration. Gods Unchained will undergo a soft launch on both Android and iOS mobile devices later this year after focusing on gameplay and design during pre-alpha.

The game will introduce a new game mode called “Sealed,” which is typically only found in mainstream TCGs. This mode allows players to build decks of 60 randomly selected cards and three Gods, competing until they achieve seven wins or three losses. Rewards will be based on performance, and players will have the flexibility to use multiple copies of legendaries and cross-domain cards.

In addition to Sealed Mode, new and exciting game modes will be regularly introduced, including Chaos Constructed, which removes limitations on using cards from the same domain as the chosen God.

The pack opening mechanic has also been upgraded to provide a smoother experience on all devices, including mobile, with the transition to WebGl.

To further engage the community, a content creator program will be launched, allowing players to create videos of their gaming moments in exchange for token rewards. The developers of Gods Unchained plan to have more proactive communication with the community, including regular dev diaries and updated roadmaps every quarter.

Overall, Gods Unchained is entering a new phase, positioning itself as a major mainstream TCG that appeals to both blockchain enthusiasts and hardcore TCG/Strategy gamers.

Gods Unchained is a web3 trading card game that gives players true ownership of their in-game items. It combines the immutability of real cards with digital collectibles, enabling players to earn, trade, sell, and collect NFT cards for strategic deck-building and multiplayer battles. Led by experienced game director Chris Clay, Gods Unchained has a dedicated community of trading card enthusiasts and web3 supporters.

Immutable Games, the developer and publisher of Gods Unchained, is a global leader in web3 game development. It is backed by a team with a proven track record of bringing games to millions of players. The company aims to redefine gaming for future generations by creating innovative and engaging experiences that empower players with true ownership, value, and creative expression.