Today at the Pacific Bitcoin Conference, New Roots Films announces “God Bless Bitcoin,” a documentary that aims to spread truth, understanding, and hope about Bitcoin. This documentary takes a deep dive into the transformative and moral aspects of Bitcoin and explores its connection with ancient scriptures and the world’s oldest religions. The film seeks to prove how Bitcoin can lead to morality, inclusion, safety, peace, freedom, and increased human happiness. It asks the question of how we can fix our broken money system and reveals the immorality and negative consequences of the current fiat system.

The documentary, with a $3 million budget, is solely funded by the Bitcoin community and has already raised $2 million. The Foundation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce is hosting a crowdfunding campaign to allow community members to support the film and receive a tax deduction. The goal is to educate larger communities of people around the world about the benefits of Bitcoin.

“God Bless Bitcoin” will be distributed through one of the largest documentary film distributors in the U.S. and will be available on multiple digital platforms in 60 countries. The film will be translated into multiple languages to maximize its reach and audience. It is set to be released in early 2024, coinciding with the next Bitcoin halving.

The documentary aims to enlighten a global audience about Bitcoin’s potential as a great equalizer, providing access to a hard money that cannot be diluted away by inflation. By educating and giving access to a sound monetary system, it hopes to help people, especially those living in poverty, gain financial empowerment.