Gardyn, a leader in the homegrown food category, has been recognized for its groundbreaking technology. The company has won Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Award in the food category for its innovative indoor hydroponic garden, the Gardyn Home Kit 3.0.

Gardyn’s technologies are revolutionizing the future of food, particularly fresh produce. Their latest hydroponic innovations allow consumers to grow large plants vertically at a high density, providing enough food to feed a family within only 2 square feet. Each Gardyn can grow 8-10 pounds of produce every month.

This recognition highlights Gardyn’s commitment to addressing environmental issues and nutritional deficiencies. Gardyn produce is pesticide-free and uses 95% less water, resulting in minimal waste and no CO2 emissions from transportation. The plants are selected for their top nutritional profile and are harvested quickly to ensure the highest level of nutrients.

With over 1 million pounds of produce already grown on Gardyns across the US, the company is making a significant impact on households and reducing the pressure on the planet. The scalable technologies developed by Gardyn have the potential to reshape the future of food for the better.

The World Changing Ideas Awards, organized by Fast Company, honor projects that are transforming the way we work, live, and interact with the world. This year’s awards feature winners, finalists, and honorable mentions across various categories, including health, climate, energy, and AI.

Fast Company’s Spring 2023 issue will showcase the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs and companies that are actively addressing global challenges. Gardyn’s mission to shape a better future of food aligns with the magazine’s focus on highlighting solutions to urgent problems.

Gardyn has also received other prestigious awards, including Best Inventions of the Year by TIME Magazine, Sustainability Product of the Year, and Good Housekeeping’s Best Smart Home Device of the Year.