Prismatic has been named the #1 Momentum Leader and top trending embedded integration platform (embedded iPaaS), according to G2’s Summer 2023 Grid Reports. The platform also earned awards for Leader, Best Support, and Best Relationship.

G2 is a trusted business software review site with over 2.1 million verified user reviews to help buyers make informed decisions. The site publishes quarterly reports identifying the top products in each category based on detailed user review data.

According to G2’s Summer 2023 Grid Report for Embedded Integration Platforms, Prismatic earned the highest Momentum Score in the category based on its high growth trajectory and expanding market presence. It was named the top Momentum Leader based on its fast growth and top satisfaction scores, making it the #1 trending embedded iPaaS.

The company also received the Best Support award, with users giving Prismatic a score of 100% for its quality of support, well above the industry average. Additionally, Prismatic earned Leader and Best Relationship awards for multiple consecutive quarters.

“As we grow, we continue to focus on providing the best possible user experience for our customers,” said VP of Customer Success Libby Stengel. “Receiving the Best Support award is an awesome acknowledgment that our approach is working.”

Reviewers left positive comments about their experiences with Prismatic’s support, noting the strong support team and timely assistance. They also recommended the platform to other buyers, highlighting its ability to simplify integrations and the expertise of the Prismatic team.

“Earning the #1 Momentum Score is a terrific validation of how ready SaaS teams are for a purpose-built integration platform and what an impact Prismatic is making for our customers,” said CEO Michael Zuercher. “As we use that momentum to add functionality and expand our customer base, we will keep building relationships that allow our customers to recommend us to others wholeheartedly.”

To learn more about Prismatic’s top-rated embedded iPaaS or request a demo, visit their website.

About Prismatic
Prismatic is the integration platform for B2B software companies. It offers a complete embedded iPaaS solution that includes an intuitive integration designer, embedded integration marketplace, integration deployment and support, and a purpose-built cloud infrastructure. Prismatic was built with developers in mind and provides the tools to seamlessly integrate with other apps and meet the unique needs of each software company.