Moisés Zamora, the creator of the popular Netflix series “Selena,” has launched a new project called Astrolucha. This Web3 artists collective aims to fund independent creators outside of the traditional Hollywood system using blockchain technology. Astrolucha recently announced the expansion of its cosmic superhero universe into the gaming realm with the launch of the Astrolucha Web App.

Astrolucha was founded earlier this year by Zamora and Ivón Rodríguez, an entertainment and fintech executive. The goal of the project is to disrupt the power systems of Hollywood financing and storytelling by providing independent creators with greater agency to create, promote, and complete their projects.

The next step for Astrolucha is the development of a web-based game based on their cosmic superheroes, inspired by luchadores culture. The game will be expanded to mobile in the future. Zamora explains that the evolution of the internet and the increasing popularity of digital collectibles on the blockchain made Astrolucha’s inception a logical step forward. The project aims to champion independent creators and provide them with new opportunities.

The first collection of Astrolucha digital collectibles features hand-drawn artwork by 16 BIPOC artists, each bringing their unique style and creativity to the superheroes. The vision behind these digital art pieces is to create positive change and provide opportunities for marginalized content creators.

Astrolucha aims to empower new creativity in various forms such as comics, graphic novels, games, podcasts, films, and episodic projects. The project’s goal is to curate content and become a Web3 distribution platform that supports creators at different stages of their careers.

Astrolucha NFT holders will have access to exclusive benefits such as one-on-one gaming opportunities and the ability to submit their own projects for community voting and funding. They will also have access to premieres, panels with artists and filmmakers, merch, metaverse experiences, IP licensing deals, and prizes.

For those interested, there is an ongoing auction of Astrolucha’s hand-drawn art on OpenSea. This is a chance to get involved in the intergalactic fight club and support independent creators.