Spkr, a new podcast app, hit the App Store this week. The Spkr app curates both short-form and full-length podcasts and aims to simplify the podcast listening experience with a polished, radio-like experience. But Spkr’s main differentiator is the powerhouse of entertainment industry executives behind it.

Spkr’s leadership team includes former executives at entertainment brands including MTV, SiriusXM, CBS Radio and Legendary Entertainment. Co-founder and CEO, Andy Schuon, former President of Programming at CBS Radio and MTV, has spent his career connecting content creators with audiences by leveraging smart curation and engaging editorial. Schuon has baked the same strategies into the Spkr app in order to expand and accelerate adoption of podcasts globally.

“The goal of Spkr is to connect listeners to the best podcasts, and other on-demand audio, by solving issues around search, time, and convenience: a challenge much talked about but not yet solved. Hearing a little bit of something without having to search for it is the gateway to discovery, and it mirrors everyday listening behavior.”

Michael Jenson, Co-founder and COO, Spkr

One of the main challenges the team aims to solve is discoverability. With on-demand audio being so search-based, how can users discover new content without knowing what to search for? That is where the short-form content comes into play.

The Spkr app addresses the discoverability issue by offering curated channels organized by categories and themes including News & Politics, Self Improvement, True Crime, Pop Culture and more. These channels serve as cross-promotion opportunities, serving short-form content throughout the listening experience and allowing users to swipe up to access the full-length episodes.

In addition, the app offers a living playlist of continuously updated curated content, called Spkr Live, with the most relevant audio across multiple genres. Hosts also curate content they love, providing editorial commentary and interviews, much like a traditional radio experience.