FootballCoin, a blockchain-powered fantasy football game, has announced the launch of the Fantasy Football World Cup 2022. As a tech investor, I find this interesting because it combines the excitement of the World Cup with the potential to earn crypto prizes through gameplay.

FootballCoin is one of the oldest play-to-earn games in the crypto space, built using blockchain technology. It allows players to collect player NFTs and compete for attractive bonus prizes. But what sets it apart is that it’s a free-to-play game that does not involve any gambling. Instead, players use their football knowledge to win prizes such as collectible player cards that live on the blockchain and unique NFTs to enhance their fantasy football squad.

During the World Cup, FootballCoin will host fantasy football contests for every match in the tournament. There are two new challenges that players can participate in to earn even more prizes. The first challenge rewards the best team managers based on total points accrued during the World Cup, while the second challenge rewards managers with the best total score from official and private contests.

Prizes for the top leaders in each category can go up to 50,000 XFC, the native cryptocurrency of the game, which can be freely transferred by FootballCoin users both inside and outside of the game. XFC can be traded for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on exchanges or used to pay competition fees or purchase footballer and stadium cards in-game.

FootballCoin currently features contests from 11 international leagues, with over 400 collectible player cards available on the market. Players can also compete for ownership of the 49 legendary stadiums available in the game.

Getting started with FootballCoin is easy. Players can create an account on the FootballCoin website, select the contests they want to compete in, and start building their dream team. They can then participate in competitions to win cryptocurrency and other digital prizes.

As a tech investor, I see the potential in blockchain-powered games like FootballCoin. It combines the love for football with the innovative technology of blockchain, offering players a unique and rewarding gaming experience. If you’re interested in playing and participating in the upcoming fantasy World Cup opportunities, you can visit the FootballCoin website.