NOW Wallet, a non-custodial crypto wallet, has implemented robust security measures in response to recent data breaches in the cryptocurrency market. The wallet offers unparalleled protection and user-friendly features that set it apart from competitors.

Some of the key security measures implemented by NOW Wallet include full control of private keys, biometric encryption using fingerprint or facial recognition, pin-code protection, encrypted backups, and seamless transition from other crypto wallets. The wallet also provides regular updates and patches to ensure the safety and security of users’ cryptocurrency holdings.

In addition to the current security measures, NOW Wallet is preparing to unveil two major updates that will revolutionize wallet protection. Although details are currently under wraps, the updates are expected to introduce revolutionary technologies and advancements in safeguarding digital assets. The anticipation surrounding these updates is high, as the crypto community eagerly awaits the unveiling of these game-changing features.

NOW Wallet is at the forefront of wallet security innovation, demonstrating a commitment to user protection and staying ahead of emerging security threats. The wallet’s dedication to providing the utmost security for users’ financial safety is commendable.

About NOW Wallet:

NOW Wallet, developed by ChangeNOW, is a fast and secure non-custodial crypto wallet app. It offers instant exchanges, supports 40+ blockchains, and over 500 cryptocurrencies. As part of the NOW Solutions ecosystem, NOW Wallet contributes to empowering businesses and individuals by seamlessly integrating cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem includes various crypto-focused solutions such as NOWPayments, ChangeNOW, NOWCustody, NOW Wallet, and NOWNodes.