Fiverr, the marketplace for freelance services, is opening an industry store with almost 100 curated services focused specifically on the needs of politicians and political campaigns. The Politics store provides campaigns and consultants the opportunity to purchase quality services from U.S. based freelancers skilled in disciplines like political advertising and branding, speechwriting, video and animation and voiceover.

From local council members to President of the United States, there are over 500,000 elected officials in the U.S., all of them with their own unique needs. During the 2018 midterms, spending by political campaigns totaled almost $6 billion and it is projected that the 2020 Presidential elections will top $10 billion in spend, with 30% expected to go towards digital marketing.

Candidates at every level of the political spectrum need a variety of materials created that are unique to their campaigns. Those materials need to be adaptable for all mediums and often need to be completed quickly in order to respond to the news, key issues or a competitor’s message in a timely fashion. They need all this, and yet more often than not, political campaigns are strapped for resources, time and staff.

Fiverr has already seen candidates and consultancies taking advantage of its platform for campaign-specific needs. Based on data pulled from public filings for political campaign committees and information from interviews with professional campaign managers, Fiverr curated a collection of services that almost all campaigns are looking for in order to run and win in 2020.